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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~

Health Tip ~ Beware of what you blog

I missed yesterday's health tip because I was having a melt down after several incidences that acted like tiny little scalpels to open me up to my own pain and grief.

It was not pretty~

Yesterday, I presented the Intent Heals workshop for a Hospice Bereavement group in Palm Coast. Holding space for this kind of pain and grief is genuinely difficult. For some reason, yesterday I was stirred on a deeper level -- although I did not know this at the time. While driving to another meeting, I received a very disappointing call that triggered me even more. I do not do well with bureaucracy, politics, and institutional fear that supercedes the well being of children.

By the time I arrived at my friend's house, I was fit to be tied and very in tune with my anger at the "system". I ranted and raved and truly thought I had expended my hot air. Emotions can be so tricky. The releasing of my anger brought me face to face with my grief and pain over my granddaughter. I had buried it so deep because I was between a rock and a hard place where I could do nothing. And being able to do NOTHING is unbearable for me.

As I cried, and embraced my pain, I realized I was feeling like Meryle Streep in Sophie's Choice.  An impossible situation with no clear solutions in sight.

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