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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Chapter in Jennifer's Life~

Growing up in Pleasant Valley~

In honor of my father's visit, I'll spend a moment sharing what it was like to grow up in Pleasant Valley, Ct.

My parents moved from Pennsylvania, leaving their families, to Pleasant Valley in April of 1967. I was five, my sisters four and one. Dad found a wonderful 200 year old New England home. The Farmington river flowed in front of our house, and the People's State forest was our backyard. The center of town consisted of a little grocery store, post office, and elementary school. No traffic lights (and still none to this day).

Most of our neighbors were elderly and were delighted to have three little girls to dote on. We walked to school, and played all day long on the playground, or in the woods behind our house. My mom would ring a bell to call us in for dinner.

Summers were spent at Stan Cliff Cove - a private beach and reservoir awarded to the town of Barkhamsted (which Pleasant Valley is part of) in compensation for the land taken by the Metropolitan Water District. Winters were spent at Ski Sundown; a little ski slope 10 minutes down the road.


You bet. I can't imagine growing up in a more tranquil, lovely place. I lived outside -- in the woods, floating on the Farmington river in tire tubes, skiing, ice skating, swimming, and biking.

My dad still lives in Pleasant Valley. The house burnt down in 1995 and he and my mother rebuilt. Mom no longer lives with dad due to her Alzheimer's. He lovingly took care of her as long as he could.

I love returning home -- walking through the house, down our street, remembering my childhood years and how lucky I was to have lived in Pleasant Valley.

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