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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday celebration~

Married 11 months on this glorious day~

Yes, I am the quintessential geek! Andy and I celebrate all kinds of anniversary's; the first time we kissed, the first time we (well, we won't go there), and our anniversary monthly!

I know I am one of the luckiest woman alive. I celebrate second chances. I celebrate the fact that I was courageous, made an incredibly difficult and painful decision, and find myself still (in this moment) pinching myself asking, "Is this real"?

I am also quite aware of the significance of today. Ten years ago, on a beautiful, sunny Friday mornning, we were attacked by the Al-Qaeda. The images of the towers burning are still deeply etched in my psyche.

May we take a moment to celebrate our good fortune and also pause in a moment of silence for those who died ten years ago. May we also send a prayer to the 9/11 families who are no doubt struggling today.

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