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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday celebration~

Who is this?

My papa! My dad was married, had a mortgage, a child (me), two cats, and a dog at the ripe old age of 22! It was different back then in the late fifties. My dad was an adult, fully ready and capable of taking on responsibility -- cherishing the life he was creating with my mom.

He took wonderful care of his girls - 3 daughters and our mom. He joked last night that the only time he stretched a tax return was when he claimed Tampax as a medical expense!(Don't worry dad, the statue of limitations has long since expired). Imagine this poor man with 4 woman on the "rag" -- I clearly remember him one night throwing his hands up in the air, and declaring that "Even the damn dog was a female." This rare outburst was brought on by yet another clogged toilet!

I am celebrating my dad today. Thankful that he is healthy, and for all the love, wisdom, and guidance he has given me.

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