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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~

Global One TV

Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution

I'd like to share this message from Eric Allen Bell who I believe has created an amazing vehicle through Global One TV to inspire people to look within. 

Seen from space, is there a line separating the United States from Mexico, or Israel from the Palestinian territories? If Chinese factories pollute the air, does the poisonous air agree not to drift across the borders of China?

If someone makes you laugh, will you not bring that joy with you into the next room of people you are about to meet? Do we not all bleed the same color? Do the people in Pakistan not want their children to grow up to be happy and healthy every bit as much as do the people in Newport Beach, California?

It is one thing to know this intellectually, to take a few seconds acknowledge this as "interesting" or "refreshing" or even "inspiring". But it is quite a different matter to know this deep down in your heart. To literally know, without a doubt that there is no real separation between us and them. It is a hallucination to think otherwise and this hallucination is the source of so much misery in the world.

To know this, to really see it, represents a shift in consciousness. But not as an intellectual exercise - rather you must feel it in your heart. To know this at the level of the heart is to feel tremendous joy and incredible sorrow almost simultaneously - to laugh and cry for the world - not as something that you pity but as something that you are.

If you can do this, really let it in such that one cultivates a quality of consciousness which knows self and other as parts of the same whole - to really know this is the gateway to knowing, deeply knowing, that the separation of self and God is also a hallucination.

- Eric Allen Bell

I apologize for missing yesterday - internet was down!

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