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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday celebration~

My friend Kathy completed the Susan G Komen 60 mile breast cancer walk in Washington, DC. last weekend. She's my hero. In her sixites, and smack dab in the middle of some huge life changes, Kathy trained her butt off, raised money, put a team together and joined thousands of other walkers committed to fighting breast cancer.

You rock Kathy~

Here is what she shared:

"Two stories will be with me forever. The amputee, an ex-Navy Seal, walking with the woman he met at the walk last year and proposed to on Friday of the walk this year. He wore a hot pink bra and wig, bare-chested with a hula skirt to finish the ensemble. When he developed an infection in his stump on Saturday and was hospitalized, his fiance finished on Sunday carrying his artificial leg in his honor. And then there was the young survivor I met who was walking alone and I shared the road with her as she told me her story in tears. At the closing ceremony she sought me out to have our photo taken together. She told me repeatedly she could never have made it through her mastectomy and treatments without her friends. She is now dating a wonderful sounding man who knows what a strong woman he has found.

Like that young woman, I could not have done the walk without support. Thank you. I thought of each of you as I walked and the stories many of you shared with me as to your personal reasons for donating. Thank you for sharing and for your support."

I am celebrating Kathy and everyone who participated in the Susan G Komen walk -- walkers, volunteers, supporters, and donors. We have all been touched by breast cancer -- by many cancers. We have all lost loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Let's take a moment to celebrate their life, to remember the gift they were in our lives, and to sink into deep gratitude for our continued health.

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