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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day in Jennifer's Life~


We can never underestimate the power of friendship. I am so grateful to my friends who listened, and processed with me, as I untangled the threads of the complicated situation with my granddaughter, Peaches.

We are always learning on this healing journey that we so courageously embark upon. For me, my lesson once again, was to just surrender. To allow, to acknowledge that there are no good answers or choices, and accept.

The release happened when I spent yesterday with Peaches. First, she helped my put together an order for Intent Heals. "I'll do it. I'll do it", she insisted as she picked out the journals and slipped them into the silk bags. Then we packed up the van with beach chairs, toys, and she took charge of putting bathing suits, towels, and sunscreen into a green beach bag. Before the beach, we had to driver her daddy to work at Target and I told her we are going shopping for a few things she desperately needed. 

I caught myself and let go of the anger when I found ourselves in the infant and toddler section trying on clothes. Peaches is almost 4, and weighs only 27 pounds. Her size? 2T. Puny she may be, but she knows what she wants! Customers were laughing as she said, "Grandmere, I want this. Oh, and this will match it." Hysterical.

"Do you like Dora the Explorer?"
"No. I want the princess panties."
"Ok", I said.
Then we get to the sneakers and I show her the sneakers that match her Princess panties. "No, grandmere, I want the Dora sneakers!"

I couldn't stop laughing. She was washing away my pain as I witnessed her indomitable spirit. Then we were off to the beach. For two hours we played in the sand and jumped the waves. Peaches was fearless. The waves would crash in and she would squeal in delight as I pulled her up by her arms. Many a time, the wave crashed into her face and she just laughed and laughed. We built sand castles, popped grapes into our mouths, and ran in and out of the water. I was in heaven.

"It's time to take a nap Peaches", I said. "Ok, grandmere." We packed up, and headed for home. In the car, she quietly said to me, "Thank you for bringing the beach to me." Even as I type these words, my eyes well up with tears.

She nestled her tiny head into my neck and fell asleep. I laid there thinking about the day and the priceless gift her presence was in my life. It was in this moment that I realized I could do something to help Peaches. I began to meditate, and called in all the angels, Masters, and Jesus, and I asked for them to protect her while I sent long distance healing to her and into her future. We surrounded her in light.

I fell asleep, snuggled against my precious girl, knowing that it was all good.

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