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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday celebration~


I held an Intent Heals Workshop last night and six woman attended. Beautiful, dynamic, interesting, intelligent woman who were there with open hearts and minds listening to a new way of healing. Open to "walking through the ring of fire" to expose and heal that which still laid dormant and resistive.

And as we explored, the sharing between us deepened, and the aura of sisterhood began to emerge and make its presence known to each of us in the room. It's always there in a gathering of woman, but rarely does it emerge unless the conditions are ripe: safety, vulnerability, open-heart, and the awareness that we are all connected by our shared stories.

Spoken or unspoken, this aura of sisterhood wraps us and we know we are 'one' - interconnected, not alone, and safe.

I celebrate sisterhood on this gorgeous Friday. I celebrate all of the amazing woman in my life who enrich, nourish, love, and support me.

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