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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011

What is intuition anyway?

Is it a hunch? A gut instinct? A "feeling" or knowing that compells you to make a different decision in the moment? Is it the quiet still voice within oursleves that we sometimes acknowledge admist the constant mind chatter? Or listen to when we enter into silence? How do we discern what is intuition from ego, reasoned thought, or our mental constructs that we all rely on to survive and navigate in this world?

We speak about intuition, feel it and act on it. Sometimes to our benefit and sometimes to our detriment -- we have all suffered from intuition that has been dead wrong. I am not sure if we can pull it apart or define it. Perhaps we fall into a trap when we try to tease out this amorphous thing called "intuition" and define it as something separate.

I don't know. I'm sitting with the metaphor of surfing. We catch a huge wave -- lot's of work to catch that wave -- paddling out, kicking, hoisting ourselves up on the board. Then we ride the wave -- being absolutely in the moment -- timing, balance, and focus. Oh, the joy, fear and exhilaration of the ride!

Sometimes, we can have all of that in place riding our wave and we still crash. So we wait for the next one, and maybe we "intuitively" pass on one, or a couple. We wait; feeling when it's right to catch the next one.

Then we paddle out hard, knowing that this next wave is it, and we ride it for all its worth!

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