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Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Day of rest~

I am declaring Friday, February 25th, a day of rest! After weeks of preparing for the Intent Heals Workshop, a Medical Qi-Gong seminar this weekend, and then a flight to Connecticut to care for my mom, I've decided that a day at the beach reading and reflecting is a grand idea.

The dog threw up on the rug, dirty dishes are in the sink, my desk looks like a cyclone hit it...emails should be returned, the weeds that now look like little mini lawns in my gardens should be pulled, and the bed should be made.

....shoulds be damned!

I am jumping in the shower, getting my suit on, stuffing a beach towel and two good books into my bag, and heading for the beach.

I know it has not been declared a National Holdiay (yet) but come on everyone, let the shoulds go today and rest!

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