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Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

Red Light , Green Light ~

Remember that game we played as children, Red Light, Green Light? I always liked to be the one calling out Red Light, Green Light and watching my sisters and the neighborhood kids running really fast and then trying to stop on a dime. I liked being in charge!

Most of my life has been spent in the green light. I am on the “go”, a doer, and I enjoyed making things happen and being in positions of leadership. There was not much time spent in the red light – stopped. In the course of my healing journey and learning to be fully present in the moment, I’ve become more aware and appreciative of the yellow light.

The yellow light gives us time to pause; to reflect on the decision that is being made, or to rest in the moment allowing a sense of spaciousness and a feeling of timelessness to occur. I have found that by imagining myself in the yellow light, I am more thoughtful, less reactive and more responsive. It gives me the time to allow other perspectives and possibilities to filter into my consciousness rather than the “assumption” or the “emotion” taking over.

The yellow light can last as long as you want. It is not a time of indecision. The act of “pausing” allows the opportunity for the circumstance or interchange to shift. For example, it has taken me a long time to learn to keep my mouth shut! I don’t need to offer my advice, my opinion or “fix” it – sometimes the best thing for me to do is just listen and allow the other person to connect with their own ability to resolve the issue or move through the emotion.

I still love the green light, and the red one too! But, I find myself spending much more time in the soft, yellow light.

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Thanks Jen. Love Bec