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Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Lessons from the garden~

I am not much of a gardner. Ask my family. I don't much like the weeding, pruning, and feeding of nutrients that is inherent in gardening. I don't like dirt under my nails, my aching back after I pull weeds, or the bug bites, nettle stings, and odd assortment of scratches that I seem to acquire gardening.

Oh, but how I love the plants, flowers, and the colors and smells of a well planted garden. It's like looking at a Monet, and when a faint fragrance of Jasmine fills my nostrils I smile in delight.

I love gardens!

Today, I went out and clipped down all the dead stalks of some plants that I did not think survived our brutal two weeks of below freezing temperatures here in Florida. As far as I was concerned, these plants were dead as dead could be. But, to my surprise, I saw tiny green leaves coming out of the soil. Those of you who garden are probably chucking right now (I know my sisters are) "Duh...that's what happens Jen". But, it always catches me by surprise. Never fails.

Those tiny green shoots led me to reflect on ourselves and our own winters. Sometimes, we enter into winters of the spirit where it feels like death; no energy, and fear has the upper hand. It's gloomy, gray, and we feel dried out and broken.

If anyone is experiencing a winter at this time, know that those little green shoots and leaves are sprouting within and it won't be too long before they begin growing like rapid fire. Winter will melt into spring bringing new growth, beginnings and insights.

And if someone you know has forgotten about those tiny green leaves, gently remind them.

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