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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Holding space~

Being a reformed "fix-it" girl, and still working on the "yes" addiction, I find "holding space" for the amazing women in my life to be the best course of action. Many of my women friends are experiencing some aspect of a 'winter' right now -- a metaphor for a dark, scary, uncertain, gloomy time. During these times of crisis, whether it is health, in relationship, or spiritual, those looking in can feel helpless.

How do we help those that we love?

By being present and holding space; going within and allowing your 'self' to tap into the infinite wisdom and love of God Consciousness. When we experience no-separation, and learn to be in a state of receptivity, we will be filled with divine wisdom and soul consciousness alleviating any sense of disharmony. In this state, we can "hold space" for those we love and emanate peace.

These 'winters' are not fixed, or solved, or to be denied. They are the very rich, real, bittersweet stuff of living, that either breaks us or makes us stronger. Our "holding space" offers the glow of infinite love for those we care for, without expectation of outcomes.

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