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Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011


I must admit, I have never been a very patient person. When I was a little girl I loved watching Bewitched; convinced that if I could just twitch my nose like Samantha, I could magically orchestrate my life.

It's funny how impatience sneaks up on you too. I'm riding the wave just fine, in the flow, and then all of a sudden some hidden button is pushed, and I've slipped into the quicksand of impatience.

And we all know, once you're in, it's not easy to pull yourself out!

I am being challenged in this moment as we wait for the ambulance to come and move my mom to rehab. We could not transport yesterday as mom's blood pressure was too high. I'm tired of waiting. I watch myself with amusement as I get up from the chair, walk around, talk to the nurse, go down to the cafeteria for coffee, sit back down again, get up....fully aware of my impatience.

Can we just get going? Where is Samantha and her twitching nose?

I have my bag of tricks at my disposal -- deep breathing, stretching, closing my eyes and meditating...but, I'm way past that point. Wnen I'm in the car, my foot on the accelerator, following the ambulance, I will breath deeply, smile and shout "Thank God!"

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