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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~

Becoming a pearl~

Andy and I just watched Fried Green Tomatoes; he for the twentieth time and me the second. What a great film with so many precious scenes. I am recalling Izzy's older brother Robert consoling Izzy with his tender accounting of how only a few special oysters can make a pearl. No coincidence, I received an email today from a friend who had attached a Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon that also referenced the oyster and pearl.

I share this message to shed light on how to maintain your balance and perspective during these chaotic times.

"The paradox and the difficulty is that you live in a dualistic universe, and virtually any action you take is met by a counter-force. This paradox and difficulty is like a metaphorical grain of sand in an oyster; it is irritating. But through the process of self-evolution, the irritation (i.e. duality) becomes a pearl, and paradoxically, something of value emerges from that which was problematic. But each Initiate must create this pearl of self-transformation for him or herself. No religion, no master, no teacher or guru can do it for you."

I like the metaphor as it speaks to how we can take the irritations, set-backs, and events that are beyond our control and, at the very least, view them from a new perspective. Let the 'grains of sand' irritate rather than fighting them, surrendering into the self-transformation that will occur if you are willing. Distilled to the most basic concept; we can choose fear (resistance) or love (the heart). We can operate from our ego, or we can listen to our deep heart. It's a choice. The answers are not going to come from 'out there' but from within. Only when we take the time to reflect in silence, to enter into a state of gratitude, will we begin to loosen and dissolve that which binds us.

Our freedom lies in the heart, in our capacity to emanate love and compassion, without judgement.

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