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Monday, August 1, 2011

Intention of the Day~

To remain in a place of trust in the face of uncertainty~

As many of us watch the debate on Capitol Hill unfold, perhaps scratching our heads and wondering what in God's name ever happened to the priorities in this Country, some of us may also be feeling a bit queasy. We are not living in times that instill a sense of calm or hope. On the contrary, the forecast of doom and gloom, coupled with the volatile market, creates uncertainty.

How do we stay in a place of trust?

Adding to the macro level of calamity, are the micro events that tend to push one even further down this path of uncertainty. Quite by accident, our van was filled with diesel fuel -- it takes unleaded, of course. Ironically, at the moment the van was breaking down, Andy was selling the Saab for a pittance to Car Max so that we did not have to purchase new tags and keep the car insured. So, in a matter of minutes, we went from 3 cars to 1 car with four drivers.

My mantra is to stay in a place of trust. We hear today whether or not the van can be salvaged. We will hopefully hear by tomorrow if the debt ceiling increase has passed.

So while I wait on both the outcomes of the macro and micro, I breathe deeply, exhale slowly, and try to stay in a place of trust~

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