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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Chapter in Jennifer's Life~

A question for us to ponder~

What if we have secret codes embedded in us that are activated by a person, event, date or place?

Let's think about this for a minute. If we review our lives, I bet we can tease out the significant people, events, and places that redirected the course of our life at that time. What if this was no accident, but some divine cosmic design that we participated in creating? And, at designated times in our life, a person, event, place or even date activates a code within us that accelerates our growth?

Does it sound too bizarre?

I can easily identify the people in my life that have impacted me significantly; the events and milestones and even a particular number that I have been seeing repeatedly since 1981 - 11:11 which became widely known and written about after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

I think it's important to ponder that which lies outside of our normal realm of linear thinking. It wasn't too long ago that this question took form within me as I was reflecting on my life, and what is happening globally and individually within each of us. Are we (collectively) somehow being triggered and activated with the approach of 2012?

Globally, the wars, terrorist attacks, spreading famine and the increasing catastrophic weather events that have been so devastating (Tsunami(s), earthquake in Haiti, Katrina, and Joplin tornado to name only a few) have also acted as a catalyst for us to come together. People from all walks of life left their families, homes, and jobs to assist those in need. It's as if each event has been a wake-up call -- WE ARE ALL ONE!

We are ending an era of duality and separateness (Piscean Age) and entering into the Aquarian Age; an age of unity and holism. Every where on the planet, the war between duality and unity is at play. In our relationships, in our communities; socially, economically, and politically. Do you feel something being activated in you? Do you feel a yearning, a desire to shift, to move through your life differently? Do you feel the pull to leave the 'old' paradigm and enter into an age of compassion, unity, purpose, and community?

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