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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday celebration~

Home and Connected~

It was strange not being able to connect to the internet or blog for the past four days. I found myself easily letting go once I realized the situation.


I found it refreshing not to be on the phone, computer, or TV. Four couples shared a lovely mountain home and enjoyed each other's company, and old fashion fun. Remember what that was? Drinking coffee for hours on the porch talking, eating (and eating), hiking in the woods, canoeing on the lake, playing golf, playing cards and....more eating.

While our instant access to everyone and everything is something we all celebrate and rely on, being dis-connected this past week gave me cause to celebrate. I celebrated new friendships, and the absence of anything that distracts from the intimacy of being in each other's company. A friend of mine sent a great U-Tube called "Web Site Story" -- take off on West Side Story. As I watched, I laughed at how this clever video perfectly mirrors 'what once was' and 'what is now'.

Web Site Story

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