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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~

The Day of Giving Thanks~

On this day of Thanksgiving, I reflect on my own family and our tradition surrounding this holiday. Growing up, it was a much anticipated day. We knew the food was going to be delicious and the smells emanating from the kitchen made my mouth water in anticipation. There were at least two fires lit, and we would have our appetizers and drinks in the formal living room. Dinner was in the dining room, before the fire, and we would always do "hands prayers".  I loved Thanksgiving.

I tried to carry on my mother's tradition as best as I could with my own family. In the early years, we would go back to my parent's house, or my husband's parents. We rotated years to be fair. As I reflect on this year and many in the recent past, I realize how much Thanksgiving has changed for us.  It will never be the same as we do not gather at the house anymore. Mom's alzheimer's changed our tradition. My divorce changed our tradition.

I'm not sad per se, but aware of how changes in one's life course impacts so many things. Max and Zoe are with their dad in Colorado skiing. They are excited as they do not see him often. They will not miss the turkey. Andy and I will be with friends and we are grateful. My dad will be at the nursing home, feeding mom, both sad and happy to be with her. My sisters will be with their families.

This is how it is. Not good or bad. It just is and I am, nevertheless, filled with gratitude. Grateful for all of the years that we did celebrate together as a family and appreciative of life's transitions. I know, one day, in the near future our home will be filled with our children, their spouses, and grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day.

I will be in my glory, feeding them all, and carrying on the tradition.

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