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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Day in Jennifer's Life~

"I'm on Holiday"~

My blessed regular blog followers know that Andy and I purchased a health food store. We were official owners on November 1st and this was also the first day of our training by the brothers, Andre and Bernard. This auspicious first day started on the heels of both of us returning from travels where we were visiting family (knowing that it would be a long time before we had another chance) and in my case, the last days freezing in a state without electricity.

Needless to say, it has been an eventful two weeks.

Going from zero to 60 like the Corvette in 6 seconds is not all its cracked up to be. I admit, I have struggled with this new schedule and pace. Add social engagements, a surprise birthday party, and an unexpected death, and you can well imagine that I was teetering on insanity, not to mention exhaustion. Just to add even more spice, we only have one working car, which died the second morning we had to be at work, our son's car died, Zoe had homecoming weekend (nothing more needs to be said) and the garbage disposal has decided to quit and spew disgusting foul water all over the floor.

So, you might be asking, why is this a holiday?

I didn't have to go to work today! Andy told me to take the day off. His guilt had mounted to a point of no return as he had played in a two day tournament last week.

"Really? Are you sure honey?"

Oh, heavens, I was elated. My sister is flying in tomorrow. The house is a mess. The refrigerator is bare. And Zoe and I had a college application to fill out. Now, I know this might seem like "work" to you, but it was a gift from God for me.

Never underestimate the gift of time. In my four precious hours, I cleaned out the refrigerator, pantry, picked up the house, helped Zoe complete her application, went food shopping, two loads of laundry, answered email, and with these last few strokes, have written my Sunday blog!!

I am indeed on Holiday~

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