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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Health Tip ~ Natural remedy for cold and flu

Cold-Busting Teas~

During this busy holiday season, many of us over-do, wear our bodies down, and become more susceptible to colds and flu. It is important to pay attention to our bodies and restore balance as soon as we feel any imbalance. Eat well, rest, and take deep cleansing breaths when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.

One of the best cold-busting teas around is a combination of elder flower, peppermint and yarrow. These three herbs, available in most natural foods store, are combined in equal parts (e.g., ½ tsp of elder flower, ½ tsp of peppermint, ½ tsp of yarrow). Mix the herbs thoroughly before steeping the mixture in 6 to 8oz of water for up to 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey, xylitol, or stevia. Drink one cup of tea at least three times daily until symptoms disappear.

Why does this mixture of herbs work?

Elder flower has naturally occurring compounds that break up mucus and strengthen mucus membranes, which helps you filter out further illness-causing germs. Peppermint acts as a decongestant and yarrow works as a diaphoretic to promote sweating and a diuretic that helps to thin mucus.

A powerful threesome that will get you back on your feet quickly. Some also suggest taking a hot bath immediately after ingesting the tea and then getting under heavy blankets to promote perspiration.

Best advice, though, is to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and don't slip into the frenzy of the holidays. It will all get done. And what doesn't, let it go.

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