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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snug as a Bug~

A taste of winter has crept into the fine state of Florida reminding us that we are not immune from the cold and blustery winter air that blankets other parts of the country. It has not gone unnoticed that we have enjoyed an unseasonably warm November and December. Our plants are still alive, and most of us Floridians, until yesterday, could be found in shorts and flip flops.

This morning was another story. Snug as a bug, I burrowed under the covers and remained for as long as I could. I feigned sleep even though the rattling of the dogs collar and the meowing of the cats could be heard throughout the house, knowing that my sweet Andy would get up to let them out (that was not very nice).

As I burrowed under those covers, I thanked God that this was a temporary state of affairs knowing full well that the temperatures would be back up into the 70's by Thursday. I giggled some, I must admit, luxuriating in the fact that I no longer lived in areas that were bitter cold for months and months on end. I know longer had to scrape my windshield, shovel snow, negotiate slick highways, and dress in layers.

For this I am grateful! I'll wear my furry slippers today, bundle up appropriately, and happily greet this cold wintery day. For I know, tomorrow the sun will shine.

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