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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Reflection

Secret Santa~

The other day I read an inspiring story about a woman in Indianapolis who paid for several  KMart customer's layaways. She chose families with children. Apparently, there are secret santas sprouting up throughout the country visiting KMarts and paying off layaways before Christmas.

How cool is that?

For years now, the kids and I have been able to gift to a family for Christmas. There were many years when the kids were younger that we were unable to give. We struggled just to make ends meet.   During those years, we would visit nursing homes or homeless shelters. I believe that Christmas is not about what we receive, but what we give. Giving, with an open and generous heart, knowing that the act of kindness inspires hope in those who are struggling, less fortunate or alone.

If inspired, visit your local KMart. We did. I cannot begin to tell you the joy -- the tears that flowed from the employees and the recipients who were called and told that a  "secret santa" had paid off their layaway. One young lady was a single mom, working at KMart and waiting in the layaway line to pay down on her purchases. She could not believe that we paid for the rest of her layaway. She hugged Zoe and I crying and said "That was the sweetiest thing anyone has ever done for me." Of course, Zoe and I were crying too!

Most special for me was watching my daughter ball her eyes out knowing that she was truly experiencing the 'spirit of Christmas'.

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