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Monday, December 26, 2011

Afterglow of the holidays

I am still basking in the afterglow of Christmas and being with my family. I love cooking special meals, planning little surprises, and just being with them. It has been an incredibly blessed couple of days. The kids have all scattered and it is time to focus on work again and the many tasks that have fallen by the wayside during the holidays.

I am keenly aware that my commitment to blog ends in just a few days. Hard to imagine that it was a year ago when I received my 'directive' -- I can still remember the panic that welled up inside at the mere thought of blogging. Now, 360 blog posts later (or there about) I can't imagine not blogging.

I'm unclear how my blog will unfold in 2012~

I do know that I am being gently led to spend more time in silence and in meditation. 2012 will be a time of tremendous transformation and we will all be quided to speak and act from a place of compassion and generosity. It will be a time of cooperation, and creative problem-solving and an end to selfish pursuits. Each of us will be "nudged" to move out of our comfort zones and share our gifts in new and different ways.

Be still and listen. You will hear the whispering of your heart, and feel God's presence.

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Healthier And Wealthier said...

I am basking in the afterglow too. Winding down, relaxing. Is your blog coming to an end? That's what it sounded like. I like the outlet blogging provides me...and I like sharing little bits with the world. Good luck in 2012.