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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Health Tip ~ Be love

As the year of 2011 draws to a close, many of us are assessing the past year and thinking about our New Year resolutions.

We often focus on what we have not been able to do, and re-commit. What do I need to still work on?  What are the new challenges I choose for myself? In the past, I've been guided to ask, "What no longer serves me?" 

I suggest that we move into 2012 without resolutions that demand more of us, and where we are compelled to be "better" somehow. What if we simply love --act from a place of heart centeredness with the pure intention of love?  Let this love emanate outward and touch everyone in your path, including yourself. Be love.

The old paradigm has dissolved. Remanents remain, and like an old movie playing over and over, we may still be hooked on scenes that are no longer based in the new reality emerging. The Christ consciousness is a vibration that lives within us (holy spirit) waiting to be ignited by our intentions and willingness to step fully into this wave length of light and love. Jesus, the man, was here to teach us that our divinity lies within. All of the great saints, masters, and teachers throughout the ages have taught that our divinity is within -- awaiting us.

We will not find it "out there". So, please stop looking. You will not find it in another person, pursuit, leader, teacher, or new fangled self-help program. What you seek is already within you.

And, what ignites this consciousness - Christ vibration? Love and awareness. Every time you act in love, and not fear, you step into this vibration. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to choose. Every thought is a choice -- fear or love? Be aware. When you catch yourself in fear say "Aaahh, this is fear and I can let this go now and choose love."

Be the light. Be love. Let your light shine on everything and everyone. Imagine the transformation that would take place on this earth, if all of us, like stars in the night sky, beamed out pure, unconditional, love?

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