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Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Celebration and Spiritual Guidance~

Celebrating abundance in all its forms~

My sister emailed me this morning and stated that I have completely screwed up with my "miss" on Wednesday, by posting the Health Tip on Thursday, which is supposed to be Spiritual Guidance.

She's right! I wish I could blame it on Mercury in retrograde, or the full moon and the super cool eclipse and red moon we will be witnessing early dawn, but I cannot. The reason (and not an excuse) is the new business and the "busyness" of this week.

Even with Andy and I both working together, we are not getting it all done.

Ordering, stocking, and our wonderful customers keep us busy. It is startling to me how fast the time passes, and how little else I am able to accomplish. Even food becomes secondary. I look at the clock, and I am shocked that it is 1:30pm already. We have not eaten, I did not start on my Christmas cards, I did not blog, I did not return emails, I did not return phone calls, I did not learn something new in the nutritional field...I could obviously go on.

We celebrate our abundance. We must also take a moment and reflect on how dramatically our lives have shifted and appreciate the fact that it will take time to find our new rhythm. We will. But, until then, dear sister and blog readers, bear with me...I am a bit off kilter!

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