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Monday, October 31, 2011

Intention of the Day~

To take a hot shower~

It's been two days now without a shower. I'm sorry I missed Sunday's blog, but we have been without power. A huge snow storm blew in and dumped 18 inches of snow in CT and up through New England. The devastation is hard to believe. A "war zone" has been the most apt description over the air waves. I had to negotiate around downed trees and electrical wires to get home from New Hampshire.  It was eerie driving into CT looking at the hundreds of snapped trees, fallen limbs on houses, draped over power lines, gas stations empty, and traffic lights dark.  Over 800,000 people in CT alone are without power and it will be a week before it is restored.

I am in the airport now waiting for my flight home, so grateful to be leaving. The last 48 hours have been an eye opener for me. First of all, I have become a whimp. This has been verified by my father. "What, no hot water? The toilets won't flush? Nothing works?" Are you kidding me. I truly did not appreciate what complete loss of electricity  meant. Nothing works, folks. Nothing. Thank God we had fireplaces, candles, flashlights, and bottled water. We lit the gas stove with matches to boil water and make a simple (and delicious) dinner last night. We ate by the fire and candle light.

This morning we boiled more water and dripped it over coffee grounds to make coffee. We lit the fire, and sipped our coffee by the fire listening to the transitor radio (yes, I actually had forgotten they existed). I washed my face with some of the boiled water and dad shaved. Simple things, but brought great delight. I began to appreciate the circumstances I found myself in as it reminded me of how spoiled and accustomed we have become to the amenities in life that we take for granted. I'm not so sure this is a good thing.

As I anxiously await my flight, I can't help but ponder the last 48 hours. It has given me a new perspective and deeper appreciation for electricity. It has also made me aware of how vulnerable we all are when it is lost. No gas, no fast food, no running water, no way to heat, or cool. And, how many millions live in these conditions (and far worse) every single day of their lives?

It gives me pause. How lucky we are! And may we not take this for granted; not even for one minute. 

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