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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day in Jennfer's Life~

Musings and Rambling~

Whatever happened to shades of gray? When I was twelve, my mother took me to my first nude drawing class in Hartford. Charcoal studies - blacks lines to define and accentuate different parts of the body - no lines to create the illusion of space, and shaded areas to add form. I learned how to "see" differently trying to capture the human form with a stick of charcoal.

Perhaps this is why I am puzzled at the harsh black and white lines being drawn in the sand over the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Some of the remarks and comments I am hearing from both sides demonstrate how divided we are in a dualistic drama that bears no resemblance to our actual reality. This is not an either/or issue and the complexity of what 'IS' can not be captured by these seemingly ridiculous one-sided statements.

I must say, however, that some of the comments and remarks, as well as the actions and behaviors of both the police and demonstrators, depict a dark underbelly of our current times. What started as a peaceful demonstration is beginning to turn violent by those who are not well intentioned, but just angry at the world, and have no qualms about hurting others, damaging property, and unfortunately maligning a potentially promising outcry for change.

These actions only serve to incite further the media and political 'blow hards' who are bent on drawing  divisive dualistic black and white lines. Where are the shades of gray? Finally, people are speaking up and saying we have had enough. Something has to change. We are not sure what, or how, but something has to change. This is much better than the thick coat of apathy that has settled over our country for the last forty years.

Where are our leaders? Where are the people in power, who can affect change? Why are the greatest minds of our country not sitting down together, or forming a think tank, to address the deep seated, complex, problems that plague this country? Why are we not giving "form" to the lines that have been drawn -- factual, civil discussion to address the problems? Posturing, or being the loudest, crudest, or rudest spokesperson in the room, does nothing to create an environment of cooperation.

Where are we, as individuals, in this process? What are we doing to make a difference? To make our voices heard? What are we doing to change the present climate? No progress will be made with a deadlocked government and without fresh ideas that can gain non-partisan support. Whether we choose to 'occupy' or not, is it not time for us to reflect more deeply on the well-being of our country? How can we get the best and brightest people teaching our children? Why do we not take our imprisoned men and women and put them to work repairing and building roads, bridges and sewers instead of sitting in prison costing the taxpayers an average of $50,000 a year? Why are our health care dollars not being spent on prevention?

I'm asking questions. I have no answers. I know we are not on the right path~

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