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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Chapter in Jennifer's Life~

Going to the chapel ~ Going to get married~

Andy and I got married twice last year; once on October 9th and again on October 23rd. The first time we were surrounded by family, friends and married on the golf course. The day could not have been more beautiful, or the wedding more perfect. Unfortunately, we lacked one inconsequential piece of paper. Yep, the marriage license. We did not discover our little oversight until the night before during the height of our rehearsal party.

Geez...can't very well tell folks, now can we?

So, we were married under the crisp, blue October sky, before our loved ones and with God's blessing.

On October 23rd, we were married again at sunrise on the beach. It was glorious. Hundreds of birds swooped in to join us. And this time the State of Florida sanctioned our wedding.

Given our penchant for celebrating every little occasion, we are delighted that we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary twice each year!

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