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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Health Tip - Don't lose it with your teenager

The Trials and Tribulations of Mama and Baby Bear~

Oh, please lord, save me from my teenager! Zoe and I have had an extraordinary relationship as most of you know. Lately, we seem to have veered off track. Zoe has her opinions of why. I have mine. For both of us, it has been quite painful.

I'm triggered by the "I'm 18" stage and some stress triggered disrespectful outbursts. Nothing outrageous or of too much concern. I think what I am really struggling about is losing my girl. College is less than a year away. Her schedule is packed as it is: volunteer hours, work, school and many friends. Little time for mom.

If I am sounding like a big, blubbering baby -- I AM! (And, I am not hormonal.)

In my anger today, I realized how much I am going to miss my baby bear. I love being around her,even if it is for brief minutes. I love her joy and outlook on life. I love how she looks after her friends. I love her feisty nature.

Letting go is hard~

More messy days ahead. Not looking forward to it, I might add. I am in the middle of one of those life transitions that wreaks havoc on the heart. This is where a parent manual would come in handy!

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