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Monday, February 20, 2012

Take what you need~

Imagine if we were to offer these qualities all the time to everyone who crossed our path? Is this not what GOD offers us at all times? Without regard to who we are, our color, religious preference, sexual orientation, social status, or accomplishments.

Like the sunlight, GOD's presence shines on us all regardless. There is no distinction, or culling out of the 'good' ones from the 'bad' ones. This illusion is merely the earth game that some like to play to keep us in our rightful place and small. And we willingly participate.

Each one of you are lifestreams, a ray of light, emanating from the golden sun. Shine your light brilliantly and freely -- let anyone and everyone "take what they need" from your lifestream without judgement.

The really cool thing? You will never run out of this brilliant light. For you are forever being fed from the ocean of bliss - you are one with the golden sun - GOD.

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