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Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Day~

We all slept in after Saturday's most spectacular Grand Opening; snuggled down bracing ourselves for a cold and windy day. Max and his girlfriend were arriving at 10am for Sunday Brunch. There were eight of us around the table bantering back and forth, laughing and joking. I sat back at one point and asked my father if he could see my "peacock feathers".

My children are comfortable in their own skins - confident, poised, and easily able to converse with adults. I couldn't help admiring them yesterday as we joked back and forth and planned our Sunday. Chip, dad, Andy and I were going to brave the cold and golf. Becky, Max, his girlfriend, Zoe and her friend were going shopping, bowling and then making a German Chocolate cake.

The cold golfers returned to yet another home cooked meal by my sister. We all crowded around the kitchen table eating grilled chicken with Seasame Peanut sauce, Jicama citrus salad, and roasted organic carrots in coconut oil. Dessert, of course, was the triple layer German Chocolate cake. The same warm fuzzy feeling from this morning filled my entire being as I glanced around the table, so grateful for my family.

Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming or caught in some distorted reality like the Truman Show. Is this really my life? Did that crooked, difficult path that I meandered so long ago prepare me for the gifts that shower upon me daily? I think so. I think if we choose to embrace our pain, and learn how to move through it, it is like spinning straw into gold.

I think of all the choices I have made through the years that has led me to this particular place. The critical ones demanded bravery, risk taking, and walking into the unknown. How grateful I am for choosing the mystery.

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