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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart Conscious

We are being asked to move from our mind/ego to our hearts; to awaken to our heart consciousness and dwell in a place of compassion and love. This is no small feat. Like the moth drawn to the flame, we are drawn to the light, deeply knowing that this is our rightful place. But our minds tell us, flying into the flame means instant death, so we avoid the light; flickering around the flame. We engage in a mysterious dance hovering around the flame, lunging and getting singed, swooping away, only to be drawn again from some unknown powerful force.

This is the call of the 'collective' heart - of our soul - the yearning to come home and be one~

Stepping into our heart consciousness means releasing the fear that keeps us paralyzed and caught in repetitive fear-based patterns. We leave the ego and all of its excuses and bravely venture into the unknown. We willingly surrender into the 'mysterious dance' of the flickering light and delight in the unknown.

This is the call of the collective heart~

Are you listening?

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