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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Becoming the Light~

If we are paying attention, our time here is becoming more intense and polarized. Environmental disasters, global warming, wars, political strife, mass murder, and increasing health issues seem to plague us all. Suicide is on the rise as many "opt out" rather than suffering. Speculation abounds about 2012. Is it the end?

While we witness the dark, we are also witnessing an intensifying of the light. Organizations, groups, and individuals are reaching out with generous hearts to aid others, clean the environment, speak out and act on countless injustices and heal themselves. We are "waking up" in this age of Aquarius. We are discovering our true nature. There is a recognition that perhaps there will be no second coming of Christ as so many believe and pray for. Perhaps, as Jesus taught, the Christ lives within each of us.

Now I realize that this may be disconcerting for some who pray for release, an easy exit, and redemption in the afterlife. So many desire to be rescued by the Messiah. There are no shortcuts. We are here to love; to love ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and to discover the Christ within --to literally become the Christ and emanate this love everywhere like a beacon of light. When we let go of our doubt, fear, jealousy -- all that separates us from what is -- we will then become aware of our inner Christ light. As we embrace this light, and recognize our true nature, our DNA and vibrational level will change. With new eyes, and a tender and open heart, we recognize the Christ in our sisters and brothers. When this happens, we will have heaven on earth.

So, do not despair. Do not give into the temptation to see only the darkness and suffering. Choose to see the light, to see God in everything, and turn within to your own divinity and brilliant light. You are the Christ.

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