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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Journal workshop feedback

"I recently had the opportunity to use the Intent Heals Journals as part of a retreat for adult men with HIV/AIDS. The experience was very moving for all who participated. These are men who have often been marginalized by society, and even by their family members and friends. They have experienced rejection, prejudice, and hate. So particular emphasis was put upon the need to use the journal to bless and forgive those individuals who had hurt them in any way through the years.

Following the directions found on the insert of their journals, the retreatants began to write the names of all the people who have touched their lives. I noticed that several retreatants were becoming emotional; some cried while others looked amazed as they kept on entering names in their books. After some time had passes, everyone closed their journals and we spoke about the effect of this simple exercise. Most were surprised at how quickly names and faces of people long forgotten came to mind. Knowing that their intention was to bless and forgive as they wrote down each name and repeated the prayer"May you receive this blessing of love, light, healing and wholeness", many reported feeling a wave of healing grace and a lightness of heart come over them that was not anticipated.

Truly the Intent Heals Journals are just little books of beautiful paper. But when they are used with the intention to forgive, they can become a powerful tool of healing and release."

Louise Dunn, Professional Life Coach

Hi Jennifer, Sally and Lisa,
I spoke with Ann earlier today and she thought you might be interested in an update on our group experience. I had purchased a journal for the one member of our group who was not able to attend your workshop. Two weeks ago we met for our weekly class. In front of a roaring fire, we said some prayers, went into silent meditation and repeated the process of adding people to our journals. Again it was a very, very powerful experience. Our group has been together for more than 3 years and our energies are very compatible and complimentary. The sacredness of the experience was very strong and we have all been impacted by the journal in profound ways. Emotions flowed freely..smiles, tears and an occasional giggle.

I hope that your travels have taken you to some exciting places and as word spreads, I have no doubt that you will receive many stories that repeat our wonderful experiences.
Peace, gratitude, and light, Jeanne

Comments From Workshop participants - Deland, Florida 1/27/07

" Everyone I've ever met contributes to our healing and clarity, adding to the distilling purity of our essence"

" I was flooded with names - transcending time and situations"

" These journals are made with love"

" It's a total honoring of everyone's life, and our own lives"

" I was astonished that I wrote my own name down first. I wrote my childhood name, and then my father's last name and then my other last names - I've had several, so it became about embracing all the people I have been."

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